MO – Final Song (videoclip nou)

MO – Final Song (videoclip nou)

MO ne ridica pana la cer in noul ei videoclip, filmat la Los Angeles – Final Song. Cantareata leviteaza in desert intr-un material video de imagine care promoveaza cel mai recent single al ei.

Videoclipul a fost regizat de Tomas Whitmore, iar pe final avem parte de un moment inspirat de Britney Spears, in care MO apare alaturi de un sarpe.

“I really wanted this video to tell the story of being reconnected with your inner strength — that spark within you that keeps you going. I wanted it to illustrate what the song means to me: from being fragile; to surrendering to the open space; to slowly regaining your power; before demanding the spirit-animal come back to you. It’s different from my previous videos — it’s a bit more spiritual and fragile — but I think it’s important to change sometimes, and especially when the song calls for a soul searching moment.”

MO se pregateste de lansarea celui de-al doilea album de studio, iar pana acum am ascultat-o cu Kamikaze, o piesa alaturi de care a lucrat cu Diplo. Cei doi au avut un super succes anul trecut, cand daneza a aparut pe piesa Lean On, devenita rapid unul dintre hiturile incontestabile din 2015 si in topul ascultarilor inclusiv pe Spotify.


DolceFm va recomanda MO – Final Song (videoclip nou).



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