Rihanna – Sledgehammer (videoclip)

Rihanna – Sledgehammer (videoclip)

Rihanna se transforma in regina universului in cel mai recent videoclip al ei, Sledgehammer. Piesa se afla pe coloana sonora a filmului Star Trek: Dimension, asa ca intregul material video are o tema universala.

Videoclpul a fost filmat in tehnologia IMAX si a fost regizat de Floria Sigismondi, iar filmarile au avut loc in Trona Pinnacles, in apropiere de Los Angeles.

Rihanna a povestit ca are chiar o relatie speciala cu filmul Star Trek: ‘Star Trek’ has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. “My dad really is the one who introduced me to ‘Star Trek.’ It just took me one episode to fall in love with this other world that I couldn’t understand, but I felt like I could relate to. I was always very curious about the characters and the storylines. “You always felt emotionally connected to the characters and whatever they were going through. “This is something that’s been a part of me since my childhood and it’s never left me so it wasn’t like just doing a song for any random film. I love ‘Star Trek.’ It was automatic.”

Rihanna se afla intr-o perioada foarte buna: a inceput in luna martie turneul ANTI, iar recent a ajuns si in Europa. Momentan se afla in topuri si cu propriile single-uri extrase de pe ANTI – Work (featuring cu Drake ce a urcat pana pe prima pozitie in Hot 100),Needed Me si Kiss It Better, iar recent a mai bifat un succes cu This Is What You Came For, piesa lui Calvin Harris.


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